Two-time Entrepreneur of the YearTwo-time Entrepreneur of the YearTwo-time Entrepreneur of the YearTwo-time Entrepreneur of the Year

Jo Cato is a highly successful entrepreneur who has launched several businesses globally.

She is founder and CEO of Periwinkle Group, brand development, and integrated marketing/public relations firm with offices in Las Vegas, New York, and Nigeria; iRecruit International, a 

recruitment firm; Cruising Vegas, the only female and black-owned pedicab company in Nevada; Motion Media, a digital mobile and human billboard company,  and Founder, Voices of Color, a nonprofit organization connecting brands and community stakeholders to social causes. 

Cato is a highly revered transformational leader whose global brand has garnered her great esteem. She has been recognized numerous times for her innovation, entrepreneurial prowess and unrivaled ability to catapult business clients to greater heights of success. 

Cato holds a deep abiding vision to enrich Nevada’s community through diversity and bring a new type of cultural awareness exchange by serving as secretary on the African Chamber of Commerce and Tourism board of directors,  the organization is an economic bridge between the diaspora and the continent of Africa.